Brazosport Christian School


Admission Requirements


All Parents (including joint custodial parents and legal guardians) with whom the student lives, to include step-parents, must be professing Christians with regular family involvement in a Bible believing local church.

BCS is a conservative, evangelical, protestant Christian school, not associated with any local church. Therefore, we are not as concerned about specific church affiliation as we are about one’s relationship with Christ and that there is a growing relationship with Him evidenced by regular family involvement in church. During the interview process, applicants will be asked to share their faith in Christ and their walk with Him.


New students applying for grades 9 – 12 must have a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior with regular involvement in a Bible believing local church.

It is important that the family, church, and school have a unity of spirit about each child’s salvation and maturity in Jesus Christ. It is critical that there is agreement with this philosophy prior to enrolling at BCS.


We exist to partner with Christian parents desiring an environment where congruence can exist for their children between home, church, and school. We expect families and students at BCS to live a life consistent with God’s word. Students must also have a clear desire to want to be a contributing member of our Christian School and faith community.


We require three references: Personal, Academic, and Pastoral. Pastoral references from a family’s home church may be obtained from a lead pastor, an assistant pastor, youth pastor, elder, deacon, or Sunday school teacher who personally knows the parents and student. All three references are obtained through our online application; parents need only provide reference names and email addresses.


BCS provides an academically rigorous college preparatory program. Students must be on grade level as measured by standardized test scores and grades.


By September 1st of each year, children must have reached the following ages in order to apply to our early education program:
Pre-Kinder – 4 years old by Sept. 1st
Kindergarten – 5 years old by Sept. 1st
First Grade – 6 years old by Sept. 1st
Pre-K and Kindergarten applicants must be able to care for their restroom needs independently. There are no exceptions to these requirements.

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